Hello and welcome to the portfolio website of media designer
Ville Korpela.

Ville Korpela is a Media Designer focusing his talents where his interests lie - Graphic Design, Web Design and Audiovisual Production.

Based in Dublin Ireland, Ville provides clients with bespoke solutions combining video, web design and online marketing that go above and beyond client expectation.

With a strong passion for visual media, Ville always delivers creatively high-standards with refreshing industry insight.
A native Finnish man living in Ireland. Ville has a university background in multimedia and was trained as a combat camera man in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Delving into Multimedia, Motion Graphics, Videography and Web Design - he is working as a Multimedia Content Specialist, while also running a video production business.
Busy learning new ways of utilising technology to bring outstanding visual experiences, Ville continues groovin’ through the galaxy (i.e. Dublin) while pursuing his passions.